Many cultural resource managers and cultural resource management organizations face the problem of appropriate care for collections under their jurisdictions. The San Diego Archaeological Center provides state and federally approved curation facilities for archaeological collections and related archival documentation that is mandated by various pieces of federal legislation and regulation 36 CFR Part 79. The SDAC’s curation facility meets or exceeds standards established in regulation 36 CFR Part 79.

The SDAC has a diverse staff of professionals and technical support personnel. Our exprienced staff has expertise in regional and national collections management policies and practices. We also have a 10,000 square foot curation and research facility where knowledgeable staff carries out collections rehabilitation.

For our curation services and fees follow this link to 2018 SDAC Curation Services Form.

The San Diego Archaeological Center has archival-quality curation supplies available for purchase. We are able to purchase many items in large quantities and are happy to pass the cost savings on to you. Please let us know if there are any additional items you would like us to carry.  Follow this link to view and download a curation supplies order form.