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Archaeology Education Programs

We offer adult workshops and lectures, scouting programs, as well as home school group field trips, and K-12 programs.

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Archaeology for Students
NEW Classroom Outreach for 2017
Grades K-12

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NEW exciting and interactive programs brought directly to your classroom
by the San Diego Archaeological Center.

Elementary school students become Jr. Archaeologists in this hands-on program, which provides the rare opportunity to learn from actual artifacts. Using skills of observation and inference, students examine ancient and historic artifacts in order to determine their function and modern-day counterparts. Additional unfamiliar objects will also be presented, and students will be challenged to make identifications using contextual clues, just like a real archaeologist investigating in the field!

In this interactive and intriguing program, Middle and High School students are shown how archaeologists put together the puzzle of the past once an excavation is complete. The multi-disciplinary approach of archaeology is emphasized as students analyze collections of real ancient and historic artifacts in order to identify evidence of activities, inhabitants, time period, and other site characteristics.

Book now for the remaining openings of the current school year or for priority scheduling next year. Click here for Educational Programs Brochure

2017-18 Program Rates
Classroom Outreach: $80 per class under 30 students, $25 travel fee per day
Field Trip to Center: $7 per student, 25 students min., 70 max.
Funding may be available for Classroom Outreach to Title 1 schools through our sponsors.

Please contact Stephanie Sandoval, Director of Public Archaeology, for more information or to schedule.
Tel: (760) 291-0370
The San Diego Archaeological Center is fully insured and has been providing quality programs to children since 1998.

Last school year alone we served over 6,000 students. Please let us know how we can serve you!

Be a contributor to our community by helping us bring our education programs to Title 1 schools!

photo_11A Title 1 school is one with high numbers or high percentages of children from low-income families that are not able to attend many field trips or host outreach programs. We are currently looking for more individuals who would like to sponsor free education outreach programs for Title 1 schools in San Diego County. Each 45-minute K-12 education program costs $80, plus a $25 travel fee. We have a number of teachers wanting their students’ innate curiosity about archaeology and our human past to be expanded, and we have the qualifications to do it, but need the funding. Once each program is complete, the sponsor will receive pictures from the program as well as a thank you letter from our Public Archaeology Director.

For questions regarding the Center’s Educations Programs, or to sign up for classes, please contact Public Archaeology Director Stephanie Sandoval at

To sponsor an education program, please contact  Stephanie at the email above.