Check out photos from recent events below!


Annual Center BBQ
David J. Toler, Jr. Presentation & Book Signing
Members Only Event: Mysteries at the Museum

Dennis R. Gallegos, First People: A Revised Chronology for San Diego County
Presentation & Book Signing

Saturday, July 29
11 AM to 1 PM

Local archaeologist Dennis R. Gallegos presented his new book! Thanks to those who attended the presentation. We look forward to seeing you at our next event.


Flintknapping with James Bowden

Saturday, June 17, 2017
11 AM to 1 PM

Our annual flintknapping workshops were led by the very talented James Bowden of Past to Present Programs & Trading Post. Pictures of the event will be posted soon! Thanks to all who attended.

 Annual Center BBQ

Saturday, April 29, 2017
Noon – 4 PM
 Highlights from the BBQ:

 Steve Bouscaren was awarded this year’s Golden Trowel.
Pete Hoffman, Pam Martin, and Chris Vedborg were our Outstanding Volunteers, each working over 300 hours in the last year at the Center.
Dr. Tom Deméré, from the San Diego Natural History Museum, spoke briefly about a new study co-authored with Steve and Cathy Holen, Richard Fullagar, Dan Fisher, and Jim Paces.
Tom Fiechtner won the Hunter-Gatherer Pentathlon.
Jim Bonk took home 1st place in the Salsa Competition.
Dr. Tim Gross’s band Head First entertained the crowd.
The Silent Auction was a big success.



David L. Toler, Jr. Presentation & Book Signing

Saturday, March 25, 2017
11 AM – 1 PM

The San Diego Archaeological Center was pleased to host David J. Toler, Jr. for a presentation of his book, Blood of the Band.
If you missed the presentation, be sure to stop by the Center gift shop and pick up a copy for yourself.

Author David L. Toler, Jr. is an Ipai descendant of the La Chappa, Guachena and Nejo clans that once inhabited the San Pasqual Valley and the surrounding lands from ocean to mountains and deserts. Toler has long been an avid enthusiast of the culture and history of his people, a supporter of traditional cultural revitalization activities throughout the region, and an explorer who seeks out the ancient routes of his ancestors. A longtime leader of his community, Toler has served for many years as a member of the Tribal Council of the San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians in Valley Center, California.


Members Only Event: Mysteries at the Museum

Saturday, February 11, 2017
1 PM – 3 PM

Thank you to all who attended our member’s appreciation event in February, especially to those who brought their own mystery items. For those who could not join us, we had a great social afternoon of food, wine, and over 40 mysterious objects to test your critical thinking skills. Congratulations to our four raffle winners!