San Diego Archaeological Center
Board of Trustees 2017-2018

Micah J. Hale, Ph.D., RPA, President
Senior Archaeologist, Dudek

Donna Beddow
Senior Planner, Staff Archaeologists, EIR Coordinator, County of San Diego

Rob Case, M.A., RPA, Vice President

G. Timothy Gross, Ph.D.
Professor of Archaeology and Anthropology, Author

David Mayes
Chief Financial Officer, ASM Affiliates

James W. Royle, Jr., Secretary
Chair County of San Diego Historic Site Board, Environmental Project Commentator

Elizabeth Shutler, Ph.D.
Emerita Dean Arts and Sciences National University, Emerita Professor of Anthropology Cal State Los Angeles

Michael Taylor
Owner & President of NWB Environmental Services

Brian Williams Senior Archaeologist, ASM Affiliates

Cindy Stankowski, M.A., Executive Director

Advisory Council (Non-voting)


Bruce Gallagher, Esq., Chair
Washington State Attorney; Business Owner

Michael G. Baksh, Ph.D.
President and Principal Anthropologist Tierra Environmental Services, Former Center Trustee

James Bonk, III
Certified Public Accountant

Dennis Gallegos
Regional Marketing Director, Statistical Research, Inc.; Businessman; Former Board Member

Kathleen O’Neal Gear, Thermopolis, Wyoming
Former state historian and archaeologist for WY, KA, and NB for U.S. Dept. of Interior; Renowned author of pre-historic and historic novels.

W. Michael Gear, Thermopolis, Wyoming
Master’s Degree in Archaeology; Principal Investigator, Wind River Archaeological Consultants; Renowned author of pre-historic and historic novels

Philip Goscienski, M.D.
Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist; known as The Stone Age Doc

Maureen Steiner
Member, San Diego Padres Preservation Advisory Group; Former Cultural Resource Manager, Woodward-Clyde Consultants; former Planning Commissioner and Historic Resource Commissioner, City of Coronado

Marsha Tepner
San Diego Businesswoman; Former Board Member