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Rock Art Papers

Vol. 3—$5000  ●  Vol. 4—$4000   ●  Vol. 5—$4000  ● Vol. 10—$3000 ● Vol. 12—$1500 ●  Vol. 16—$3000 (2 copies)


Museum of Man pub.San Diego Museum of Man Papers

  • No. I—Report of an Archaeological Reconnaissance in the Mohave Sink Region by Malcolm J. Rogers used $10
  • No. 2—Yuman Pottery Making by Malcolm J. Rogers new $20
  • No. 3—Early Lithic Industries of the Lower Basin of the Colorado River and Adjacent Desert Areas by Malcolm J. Rogers almost new $25
  • No. 4—The Physical Characteristics of the Aboriginal La Jollan Population of Southern California  by Spenser L. Rogers $9.00 (3 copies)
  • No. 5—San Dieguito Type Site : M.J. Rogers’ 1938 Excavation on the San Dieguito River by Malcolm J. Rogers new $25, 3 used copies $5
  • No. 6—The Western Lithic Co-tradition by E. L. Davis, C. W. Brott, David L. Weide new $25
  • No. 12—An Early Human Fossil from the Yuha Desert of Southern California    Physical Characteristics by Spenser L. Rogers new $10.00

Ethnic Technology Notes

  • No. 13—Chumash Archery Equipment by Dee T. Hudson almost new $15
  • No. 15—The Pit and Groove Petroglyph Style in Southern California by Rick Minor almost new $10

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Used Journals for Sale

  • American Anthropologist (1953-2005*)‡
  • American Antiquity (1960-2012*)‡Journal 1
  • Current Anthropology (1967-1972*)‡
  • California History Journal $
  • Journal of California & Great Basin Anthropology (1975-1997*) $
  • Pacific Coast Archaeological Society Quarterly (1976-2015*) $
  • Proceedings of the Society for California Archaeology (1988-2004*)‡
  • Journal of San Diego History (1966-2003*) $

Journal 2


*Not all journals within these years are available.

‡ These journals are free!

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