Purveyors of the Past

With a monthly donation to the San Diego Archaeological Center, your valuable donation will help to fund many important projects throughout the year. By becoming a sustaining member, you help us to create a stable foundation. Your donation allows us to plan for the year ahead!

Making monthly donations is quick and easy. Please contact Executive Director Cindy Stankowski at to make your donation. You may donate the amount that you are comfortable giving each month. No matter how big or small the sum, we consider every gift essential to sustaining the Center!

Meet the Center’s Purveyors of the Past Founding Members

We are thankful to the following donors

Karen Crawford M.A., RPA & Timothy Yates
Maureen Steiner Davistè & Camille Davidson Davistè
G. Timothy Gross Ph.D.
James W. Royle, Jr.


Endowment Fund
How will you be remembered? Create a lasting legacy through the San Diego Archaeological Center’s Endowment Fund. Estate Giving, Gifts of Real Estate, Pooled Income Fund, and Charitable Gift Annuities, are all ways of that you can leave a legacy for the future while receiving tax deductions and other benefits for you and your family.

Please contact Executive Director Cindy Stankowski for information.


Thank You to Our Members

Preservation Circle
Jeanne & James Bonk, III
Diane Barlow Coombs
Karen Crawford
Bruce & Carol Gallagher
Dr. Micah Hale
Carol Kerridge
Pamela Martin & Michael Nabholz
Joanna & Patrick Masters
Patricia Masters
Hari Rao
Jim Royle
Jeff & Karen Shabel
Maureen Steiner
Marsha & Greg Tepner
Michael Thacker

Curation Circle
Nancy Acevedo
Don Albright
Susan Arter
Dr. Michael G. Baksh
Dr. Joseph Ball
Jim & Monica Bryant
Robert & Patricia Case
Michael Coca
Dianne Cowen
Fred & Kathleen Dickey
Susan Floyd
Dr. Tim Gross
IS Architecture
Bill & Carol Mahler
David Mayes
Richard Moore
Christopher Khoury
Charlotte & Victor Rios
Marty Rosen
Kathy Russell
Don & Leticia Salom
John Shutler
Richard Shutler
Keith Sonnier
Rose & Wayne Tyson, Jr.
Chris & Mary Vedborg
Chris White
Steve Whitecotton
Brian Williams

 Friends Circle
Sheila Adolph
Marie Andersen
Joyce Antorietto
Rebecca & Steve Apple
Joel & Michelle Aspeytia
Donna Beddow
Bianca Belmonte
Heather Bosch
Simone Brown
Nora Boyajian
Cherryl Castro-Lector & Laurence Lector
Dina Chatelain
Cheyenne Chavez
Rachel Clibborn
Eileen Colyer
Tom Fiechtner
Tamera Fogg
Philip K. Sharp Garcia
Pearl George
Linda Hedlund
Simone Hedstrom
Michelle Hewitt
Peter & Cyndy Hoffmann
Brianna Holland
Julie Iavelli
Amy Jordan
Rickey Ketcham
Melinda Cole Klein
Teresa McNeil
Suzanne Moramarco
Dr. Therese Muranaka
Aaron Nagorski
Eraina Nossa
Chris Padon
Melanie Parker
Paul G. Chace & Associates
Jennifer & Judah Perez
Pete Reith
Dr. Eleanora Robbins
Mary Robbins-Wade
Anthony & Jo Ann Ross
M. Carolina Saheli
San Pasqual Battlefield Volunteer Association
Barbara & Karl Scharnau
Peg Schneider
Carol Serr
Linda Sevier
Gail & Marc Silberberger
Russell Silberberger
Denise & Jason Stafford
Donald Steele
Ben & Larry Stirling
George Wahl
Tim Wolfe
Gail Wright
Ariana Yanez