The Center has many items for sale that will further your knowledge and interest in the field of archaeology. Proceeds support Center Operations, Educational Programs, Research and Community Outreach.  Drop by our gift shop and take home a souvenir or special gift.  Please note the items featured on this page are for display purpose only and might have already been sold.

Items for Sale  Item Descriptions

Can Holder

SDAC T-Shirt

Available in sizes S, M, L, XL

and SDAC novelty items available including

Can Holders.


  Necklaces & Earrings by “Ancient Campfires Jewelry”

These fun and colorful necklaces come in different styles, lengths, colors, and crafted from different materials to accompany your favorite outfits, seasonal wear, and to match your personality.

CG Earrings
Necklaces,  Points, Stone Bead Making Kits, and Grab Bags with Mineral Specimens/Shells

By James Bowden

James Bowden has been flintknapping for 30 years. All of his pieces are permanently initialed & dated making them collectible, museum-quality replicas and artwork.


 Mask3 Gourd Art by “Oh My Gourd!”

By Karen Hoppe

These beautifully polished gourds come in different sizes and colors.  These Gourds have been hollowed out and made into stylish and unique Home Decor Art, and even a Gourd Mask. (Gourd stand sold separately)


Hummingbird Feeders and Guidebooks

As visitors to the Center enjoy watching the local birds, hummingbird feeders and bird guides are available along with a roadside wildflower guide and decks of southwest flowers playing cards.

Mesa Verde George Wahl – Art on Stone

A self-taught artist, George Wahl has traveled extensively in the Southwest and has captured the mystery of the Mesa Verde cliff dwellings on natural stone surfaces.

SDAC Cookbook

A collection of recipes from our members, friends, board and staff will help you make memories around the dinner table.

For Kids! 

We have a variety of Children’s Books for  sale at our gift shop, for your little  bookworm. Recent additions to the Kids section are the Archaeology Pyramid Dig Kit and Many Worlds Activity Book.

Children love our Multi-colored Rocks from Around the World. We offer bags with a mix of rock types, polished and unpolished, and ones with the two of the same rock type (one polished, one unpolished). Magnetic tins to displace and store the rocks are also available for purchase.

Rocks GROCKS 2

Dig for Clues  Indians of the Oaks
We have several different novelty items to offer at our gift shop, including:  Stratigraphy Candles,  Greeting Cards, Poppy Seeds and Poppy Flower Pens.

In honor of Archaeology Month, the Center Gift Shop will offer issues of several publications, including Archaeology, American Archaeology, Biblical Archaeology, Journal of California Anthropology, Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology, Pacific Coast Archaeological Society Quarterly, and Archaeological Survey Annual Report. Other miscellaneous publications are also offered for free. Donations will be accepted and are always appreciated.

Rock Art Paper No. 10.A

We also sell Recycled Knowledge – donated publications that are not  needed in the Center Library. For Rare and Unusual Titles click below.

Books & Journals For Sale 

Stratigraphy candle2 NoteCardsPoppy Pens2.jpg