Scouting Programs

“My older son has been to many ‘merit badge days’ and thought this was one of the best.”
– Stacey Wright

Boy Scout Archaeology Merit Badge Program

IMG_2528This exciting, hands-on program provides the information and experience to help fulfill the requirements of the Archaeology Merit Badge including:

  • A mock archaeological excavation (8b)
  • An experimental archaeology project (9b)
  • Opportunity to present a selected archaeological site to the group (4b)

A certified Merit Badge Counselor will be able to sign off on the above completed activities, as well as the remaining self-directed work that can be completed prior to the program.  Requirements completed at home will be discussed either as a group or individually.

Requirements for the Archaeology Merit Badge can be found here: Merit Badge Guidelines

Cost: $10 per Boy Scout, parents and chaperones free

(patch not included)

Minimum of 10 Boy Scouts required




Girl Scout Archaeology Program

IMG_0005Our 2.5 hour Archaeology Girl Scout program begins with a tour through our museum, followed by a power point presentation on archaeology and specifically careers in archaeology and a hands-on program entitled, Archaeological Site  Analysis.

 Archaeological Site  Analysis

In this program girl scouts will be introduced to what an archaeologist actually does, including how we find sites, what we do when we discover a site, and how to properly record and excavate a site. The girls will be divided into two groups and assigned the roles of archaeologists excavating two archaeological sites. They will first devise research questions and hypotheses about their excavation unit, and then get the opportunity to excavate for artifacts in their unit. Once they have excavated their sites, they will analyze the artifacts, and as a team address and answer their original research questions. They will share their findings with the other group. We will end this program with a discussion on the importance of preserving archaeological sites, and our role as site stewards in helping to protect our cultural resources.

Cost: $8 per Girl Scout, parents and chaperones free

Minimum of 10 Girl Scouts required

Maximum of 30 Girl Scouts allowed











For questions regarding the Center’s Educations Programs, or to sign up for classes, please contact Public Archaeology Director, Stephanie Sandoval at