Welcome to Research at the San Diego Archaeological Center! We initiate, facilitate, and conduct studies on our collections and related materials as a basis for our education and exhibit programs (read more about our Research Policy).

Our research is conducted in collaboration with our Research Associates and partner academic and non-profit organizations and government agencies. We disseminate research results through publications, presentations, exhibits, and educational events.

We encourage students, qualified researchers, and members of stakeholder communities to utilize our collections. Students may apply for research internships for academic credit. We are available to assist students and instructors in designing research projects for senior and honors theses and graduate dissertations. Our over 800 archaeological collections, which include chipped stone, ground stone, ceramics, historical objects, and faunal and botanical remains from sites throughout the San Diego region and dating from 10,000 years ago to the 20th century, offer materials to investigate many research questions and topics (scroll down our Research Projects page for a listing of completed student research projects and see Don Laylander’s Research Issues in San Diego Prehistory for some ideas). We have petrographic and stereozoom microscopes that may be used by students and other researchers.

Please contact Executive Director Cindy Stankowski with questions about planning and conducting research projects: