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    San Diego’s First Peoples Tour Series

    As a supplement to the new By Land and By Sea exhibit at the San Diego Archaeological Center, this field trip series will explore the physical locations and landscapes that the first people in the America’s lived in. We will…

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    Archaeology on the Coronados Islands

    Despite their attractiveness to early human migrants and maritime foragers, small islands often are overlooked in archaeological and historical ecological investigations.  Along Alta and Baja California, the Channel Islands and Isla Cedros have been the focus of extensive and intensive…

  • Introduction to Flintknapping
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    Introduction to Flintknapping

    In this workshop, participants will learn about the components that make up the Native American stone toolkit and basic flintknapping techniques. Participants will also be able to practice these techniques in creating stone tools. No experience required. Ages 12+. Minors…

  • advanced flintknapping class
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    Advanced Flintknapping

    This workshop is for experienced flintknappers who are already able to make stone tools such as projectile points. This advanced session will focus on overcoming participants’ specific knapping challenges, and cover advanced topics such as biface thinning, setting up platforms,…