Artifact of the Week: Grinding Tools

Grinding tools of granitic stone were common for the Late Prehistoric Tradition. Local inhabitants used them to grind clay in preparation for pottery, acorns, and other foodstuffs.

About 3,500 years ago, the region experienced a long period of widespread drought, and people moved into the area from the Colorado River and western Arizona. These people brought with them tools that had never been seen before in the local archaeological record – arrowheads and pottery. Other tools indicate that they were hunters and gatherers. Therefore, they probably moved in a seasonal migration to areas where they knew there would be games, edible plants, and fresh water. These people spoke a Yuman language and are the ancestors of the Kumeyaay people who live here today.

Date: Late Prehistoric Tradition (3,000 ya – 300 ya)
Material Class: Lithics – Ground Stone

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