K-12 Programs

Virtual Archaeology Field Trips

Our program uses archaeological inquiry to foster understanding of past and present cultures, improve science education, and enhance citizenship education to help preserve our archaeological legacy. We offer virtual connections, outreach programs at your location, and field trips to the Center that support current NGSS and HSS content standards.

VIRTUAL CONNECTIONS – Program Options during COVID-19

Our standard offerings of in-class outreach and field trips to the Center are currently suspended, however virtual options are available for the summer and fall 2020!

Virtual Field Trip options include:

  • Live All About Archaeology presentation with student Q&A
  • Supplies provided and delivered to your school for live, interactive archaeology projects
  • Enhance the lesson by checking-out a box of artifacts

For more information, questions, rates and scheduling, please contact Public Archaeology Director, Stephanie Sandoval at sjsandoval@sandiegoarchaeology.org

More details will be posted soon. In the meantime, check-out Dr. Arty Fax’s Archy Facts blog for kids, introducing them to the wonderful world of archaeology!

Amazingly knowledgeable staff. Fun experience for our students. Thank you! – Lilly Wageman